Incomaster Incontinence Waste Disposal System


Improving your care environment

The smarter way to manage incontinence waste

The Incomaster macerator is a cost saving alternative to yellow bag collections, disintegrating pads and nappies to a fine pulp with auto start technology. It is low maintenance and easy to install, with the load disposed in under 2 minutes. The Incomaster is the only macerator that can deal with all types of pads.

incomaster being used by a carer

  • Substantially reduces bad smells and infection risk.
  • Easy to use: put incontinence products in, close lid: the system automatically starts.
  • Fast, discrete and efficient, ready to go again in 2 minutes.
  • Converts nappies and pads into a fine free-flowing mixture.
  • Requires only a cold water source, electricity and drainage.
  • Bugban ® – active antimicrobial built into the wipe clean exterior.
  • Water curtain rinses hopper and cutting system.
  • Dosing technology injects sanitiser, reducing infection risk.
  • Easy installation and full service backup.
  • Low maintenance with smart technology.


With negligible operating costs per cycle, compared to the typical fees per kg associated with collection of waste, typical payback is 6-12 months, we can assist you in working this out for your specific situation, or alternatively fill out your current details into the cost calculator to see how much you will benefit.

For financing options, please contact us.

Infection Control

Infection risk can be reduced at four key stages:

  • Handling and bagging waste from the patient.
  • Storage and transport at the sluiceroom
  • Handling at a centralised on site waste bin.
  • Handling and transportation to landfill / incineration

Incomasters, suitably located, substantially speed up and simplify this important part of your waste management process.


All of our products are designed and manufactured to the increasingly stringent ISO14001 environmental standards.

We support the widely publicised drive to reduce the impact of human waste, particularly plastics, on the environment whether that be to landfill or the watercourse. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover is a mantra that is at the forefront of our methodology when it comes to everything that we design, produce and recommend.

Human Waste Audit

human waste stream audit

To assist, we can arrange a simple waste stream audit service from our partners Jalkin Ltd., experts in human waste, with costs refundable against any future orders. You will receive a summary of your current human waste processes, any related gaps and opportunities that we can identify, from the source of patient waste right through to the end of your scope of responsibility, whether that be via collection services, to mains drains or through a private treatment system. This will inlude benchmark set of bacteriological swab measurements at key points and an Environment Agency effluent sample if appropriate, to assist with your current compliance processes.

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