Incomaster Incontinence Waste Disposal System


Incomaster running lightsWe are passionate about ensuring that you get the best incontinence waste system and the value that it brings to your organisation, customers and carers. Equipment that processes human waste in a care environment simply has to have reliability underpinning every design decision.

Decades of refinement make Incomaster head and shoulders above the alternatives.

The latest smart technologies in remote diagnostics and error reporting also support you, our customer, day and night.

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Easy to use

Incomaster lidOnly use with nappies, and don't overfill, it is as simple as that. The machine automatically starts when you close the lid, with intuitive and ergonomic interface for both the carer and the maintenance engineer.

If you know how to use a rubbish bin you are practically qualified to use an Incomaster.

Smart technology underpins our service proposition, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Cost effective

Yellow bag problemPennies of electricity and only using cold water per cycle, combined with a choice of usage based economical service make the Incomaster disposal machine a modest ongoing expense particularly compared with the alternatives.

Smart technologies maximise product up-time and substantially reduce site visit costs.

Payback compared to waste collection services is typically 12 months, you can use this savings calculator with your own specific information to find out for yourself.

End to end support

Incomaster is the workhorse of your human waste management

Waste disposal equipment

A great waste disposal machine

Incomaster is the year on year evolution of our mission to provide the best disposal system suited to your needs. With decades of engineering passion and experience at its heart combined with the latest technological 'smart' monitoring systems and support teams, we aim to give you confidence that you can trust.

Cleaning fluids

Installation and training

Installation can be undertaken in-house based on the clear user manual instructions, or we can provide this service for you. While the machine is straightforward to operate, training for users and your in-house maintenance staff typically proves a worthwhile investment.

Servicing and spare parts

Smart maintenance

Incomaster comes with a 12 month warranty, however from the outset we would recommend taking up one of our maintenance and servicing propositions to ensure you get the best value for money. We have annual or run-based propositions so it is easy to work out what is most suitable for your circumstances.

Sewage treatment and drainage

Compliance and your drainage

We can assist with your responsibilities outside the building as well as inside. Sustainable waste management and regulatory compliance is of critical importance, we can assist with providing a complete view of your human waste management with our audit partners and human waste stream experts from Jalkin.

Real Impact

A flavour of the positive difference that we have achieved with customers over the years


Positive working environment

“Since the installation of the macerators we have seen a substantial reduction in the number of infections in our residents.”

“We’re a close team of carers and now we’re able to spend more quality time with our service users.”

“The whole package is just much better - no smell.”

“Complete loss of unpleasant odour in the home.”


Quality customer service

“It's a quiet machine so doesn't interfere with the comfort of our residents, and its been totally problem free.”

“The after-service has been fantastic – thorough training, easy to get hold of and quick to respond.”

“The increased reliability means an uninterrupted service for our children and young people, a reduction in cost due to no longer making regular callouts and maintenance fees. All in all a happier working environment for care staff.”

“The service we received from Haigh is outstanding”